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Ways to backup your computer. Don’t wait for any disaster to happen

Backup your computer

When the unavoidable happens

In these modern days, computing has become everything. It’s not just a tool for working, but a part of our lives. This makes me think, what would happen if you suddenly lost everything you’ve got stored in your computer? Think a while of this. Your pictures, files, projects or whatever is important to you, lost forever. It may sound impossible to happen but believe me, it happens.

Taking all precautions is important and for sure if you follow them, you get to save everything you have trusted to your computer.

Preventing Catastrophes

The first and best recommendation is to backup your data. There are many ways to do this.

Backup Everything in an External Storage Device

This is far the simplest option. External drives are cheap, but they have the same risk as any other disk. External hard drives could get damaged and memory sticks could get corrupted. Moreover, you have to deal with that fact you must connect them through the USB port which is far slower than SATA or IDE interfaces.


Backup Everything in DVD or Blue Ray disks.

This is an old option. DVDs are cheap, but they have a limit on their storage capacity. And worst they have a risk of getting damage and not working at all. Moreover, if you make a change on one of your files, you have to write another DVD for the new version. Furthermore, DVDs writing speed is far lower than USB based storage devices.

Of course there are rewritable DVDs but are far slower to write on.

Backup Important Files on Cloud Storage Services

Using online storage services is something new. And this is an option I have been betting my files lately.

Why choosing these services?

Online-Backup3There is an advantage of this service. Your files get to be safe because they form part of the cloud system.

Basically, a cloud system consists on an array of servers which work together to keep the network working. If any of those servers fail, the information will remain intact because this information is shared to other servers of the cloud.

What about our privacy

Perhaps this is your main concern of using these services. There’s always the fear of thinking that someone could be checking your files. I know that, I had this fear too. But I realized later I have nothing to worry about.

These guys are professionals and have a strong privacy policy that if for some reason you find out they were sharing your files you can sue them for every penny they have.

Services I recommend you

Online Storage ServiceThere are two services I’ve using lately. The first is MyPCBackUP.

I am planning to write a full review about them. So far I am pretty satisfied. They have an automatic backup service that works on background while you do your stuff. It works pretty simple: you specify which folders you would like to backup regularly.

With this service, I can access my files from any device (iPhone, iPad, Smartphone and anything that supports internet access). It is like having my computer anywhere at any time. I really recommend you giving it a try. They have a 14 day trial.

First you have to register in their website. After you register with your name, email and a password, you get the download dialog to get the software application. Once you’ve downloaded the software and install it (no malware included whatsoever), select the folders or drives you would like to backup and forget about the problem. The software works on background while you do you things.

You can schedule the app to work at certain days and hours during the week. It is amazing. I really recommend you giving it a try . And let me know how it went in the comments.

Backup Service 2

Another good service I recommend you is Just Cloud. It is pretty much the same as MyPCBackup, I am still on the trial part. But you can give it a try too.

Let me know about your experiences in the comment area.

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  1. Brett

    In addition to external hard drives, I rotate them into a safe deposit box at my local bank. Any good backup has data in two locations. Meaning, two drives and two geolocations.

    My plan is similar to what you mention above: http://www.bitesizebschool.com/blog/how-to-quickly-recover-from-disaster/

  2. Tuah

    I am using crashplan. If i am not mistaken their trial is 30 days.
    Tuah recently posted…Pusat Jualan dan Servis Perodua Bachang Melaka – Pusat Sehenti PeroduaMy Profile

  3. Sohel Parvez

    For all of my Cloud Storage & Backup needs, I use smile2cloud. i found their services is very competitive, they offer $19.95/Year for Unlimited Space & PC. Here’s their feature page: https://www.smile2cloud.com/features.php
    Sohel Parvez recently posted…The Best Cloud Storage ProvidersMy Profile

    1. Daniel

      Thank you for your comment Sohel, never heard about smile2cloud but I’ll check it out.

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