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How to get rid of your snoring problems

Snoring Solution

We all living beings need to rest. The act of sleeping helps us to recover our energy and keeps the body fresh and young.

However, there are situations where sleeping is practically impossible. I am a housewife, and I share my bed with my husband. He’s an amazing loving person. However, he had a problem. He used to snore.

And because of this small detail, sleeping was impossible for me. I really have light doze so any noise is an excuse for not sleeping whatsoever.

Furthermore, while I researched how to fix my husband’s problem, I find out that snoring has awful health implications.

Implications of Snoring

Besides of being an obvious cause of sleep deprivation, snoring also affects the snorer too. It causes daytime drowsiness, irritability, decreases libido and lack of focus.

However, what really alarmed me is the fact that snorers have risks of heart attacks and strokes. It may sound unbelievable, but studies revealed that snoring increases arterial tension and well anything relating blood also related the heart.

Snoring is really serious, but I have the solution.

The Solution

Most treatments revolve around the same idea: Clearing obstructions preventing air flow. I’d always recommend you those natural remedies. These are the best because they get to fix your problem permanently.

Natural and Permanent Solutions

I must warn you these remedies are not easy and require your discipline and perseverance. However, there is always the easy way.

  • Loss weight : Fat gathering around the neck is one of the most common causes of snoring. So put yourself in and start a diet and make some exercise. Moreover, keep in mind that losing weight get to save you for more than one health problem.
  • Stop Smoking : Toxins found on cigars are deadly for your throat and your lungs. It is also a dirty and expensive habit. Would you like to stop snoring? Then stop smoking! Dropping off smoking for sure will save you a lot of health problems in the future.
  • Avoid using tranquilizers and sleep pills .
  • Avoid eating three hours before going bed .
  • Easy One – Change Sleeping Position : I’d say this is not really permanent, but it really helps. Commonly, sleeping on the back causes the tongue to drop to the throat causing air obstruction and snoring. The position I’d recommend you is sleeping on the side or on the chest. But if this not works at all, I have a quick and easy solution for you.

Homemade Remedy

There’s a plant called “Ruda”. With it you can make a remedy that may help to get rid of your partner snoring problems. The final product is not ingested but smeared on the skin. Like a skin cream. This is what you need:

  • 50 grams of Ruda
  • A glass with olive oil

Ruda plant
Ruda Plant

How to prepare it: In an airtight container put the ruda and add olive oil until it covers the plant. Close the container and let it marinate for 14 days on your bedroom window or any place where it can have sun and moon light. Once done, save the solution in a dark container so it can retain its properties.

How to apply it: It is applied just before sleeping on the neck, scruff and nostrils.

A Quick and Easy Solution

Snoreless Pillow

What would you say if I tell you there is a “pillow” capable of completely fixing your snoring problems? And not just only your snoring problems but it also gets you to sleep like a baby. Well, yes there’s such thing. Would you like to find out more about this?

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  1. Therese@sleepsilproducciones.com

    Before you find and seek treatment from your sleeping problems you first have to find out what’s causing you to have problems falling asleep and staying asleep. This would help further isolate the issue and find a solution that can help you prevent this from happening again.

  2. Steve

    I treated this homemade remedy with me and now there is good improvement in me. If you also want to resolve your snoring problem then you can treat this remedy to avoid deadly heart failure.

  3. James Dreesen

    Very helpful advice you have shared with us here. I have to admit I am one of those who snores heavily while sleeping and I am looking for a way to minimize it. Thank God I found your post. Thanks for sharing this.
    James Dreesen recently posted…Converting Web Visitors Into New Patients – The Who in Google AnalyticsMy Profile

    1. Daniel

      Thank you for your comment James. I am glad I could help.

  4. Help To Stop Snoring

    Good article Daniel.
    I think it is important as you have mentioned, that people really start to understand the negative health issues associated with snoring. There have been a couple of studies, as you have said, coming out of the USA over the last 18 months that directly connect sleep apnea and snoring with Cancer, Stroke and Heart disease. I have written about these two main studies and would be happy to share the info with your readers if you are inclined to accept this comment.
    Snoring is no longer something we can joke about around the dining room table anymore. Good to see you are as passionate about this subject as I am.

    1. Daniel

      Hello, thank you for your comment. Any useful information is well received here.

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